Ordinarily, I would not suggest reading through a list of references. The concept of doing so is reminiscent of ‘words of wisdom’ given to me and my sister by my mother when we were young. If my sister and I were bored on a rainy Saturday, she would suggest, “Why not read the phone book?” You might be surprised by what you could learn.” My mother was a strong believer in reading anything and everything, and not too fond of watching too much TV, which she affectionately called ‘the idiot box’. So, it is with this background that I have chosen my words carefully when I suggest that you at least glance through the reference list that follows. I have taken the time to include the title of all of the journals, patents, books, etc that I have utilized as background for this book on Nucleotides. These references span more than 70 years, with the first article concerning nucleotides dating back to 1944 and current articles as recent as 2016. Perusing the titles gives you an inkling of the vast research support for the use of nucleotides over a wide range of health topics. Glancing through the references also helps to illustrate that this research originates from countries all over the world. This nucleic acid research has been conducted throughout the animal kingdom, from work in infants and adult humans, to a range of animals and fish. The far reaching applicability of the use of nucleotides is both overwhelming as well comforting, giving a sense of security that this field has been widely researched in countries all over the world, covering a multitude of topics, used in many animal species over the course of decades.

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